+ What is wrong with assuming that everybody is as free as I am?
- Almost nothing, the only thing is that they are not.
+ Correct, but is it my fault?
- But it is the reality you live in.
+ Does it have to be my reality too?
- Not at all.
+ Then how can I possibly treat them as if they are some sort of slaves?
- Aren't they?
+ Not really, they just think this is an easier way of living.
- Isn't it the right thing to do?
+ Depends on what you understand from the word easy.
- Correct, but still, you cannot pretend as if they are free.
+ Why not?
- I've told you once: Because they are not.
+ Do you assert that their slavery necessitates my enslavement?
- Partly yes, partly no.
+ What do you mean?
- Partly no, as you can, in principle, totally reject them. Partly yes, as you cannot, in practice, totally reject them.
+ Correct, is there a way out of this?
- (surprised) Of course ...
+ (interrupts) I mean, other than death?
- Ah.. (calms down) We don't know, I can't give you enough evidence showing that it does not exist.
+ (slily) You can't give me enough evidence showing that it does exist, can you?
- Of course I can't.
+ Do you have any advices?
- Keep on existing.
+ (angry) What kind of an advice is that! I'm not asking you whether I should exist or not, but rather how I should exist.
- I don't see any reason why you should change the way you have been existing.
+ Do you see any reason why I should maintain the way I have been existing?
- Well. Not really.
+ So?
- I guess that's all the answers I can give you.
+ But you didn't give me any answers whatsoever.
- Correct.
Lights turned off. Voices of a bird singing. Other birds join her. Curtain.



eylul said...

Are you free?

NONE said...

Unless one assumes a meaningless concept of "absolute freedom" (which might be achieved, in my opinion, simply by death), I would say yes to that.