One can always state the incorrect in a politically correct way.

One can always state the incorrect in a politically correct way.

A small street at night. Foggy. The street is empty. Nothing except the digestive sounds of the city.

+ Enters from the left. (bored) I am heavily uninterested in how you feel.
- Enters following. (surprised) I thought you felt the same way.
+ Halts. (does not understand) What do you mean?
- Keeps walking. I thought you felt the same way.
+ That you are uninterested in how I feel?
- Halts. No, no. That your being uninterested is invalid as you already feel the same way as I do.
+ And you thought this could be the case?
- (exhausted) Hope is for free..
+ You never learn, do you?
- I learn, but then I forget.
+ No, you don't. You just pretend to forget.
- This is all I can.
+ Forgetting?
- (impatient) Pretending!
+ I can understand that.
(Silence.) They approach each other.
+ There is a bold enough line separating courtship from molestation, but apparently you don't have it.
- That's the idea. Let's insult each other.
+ You believe there is a recipe for everything, don't you?
- No.
+ But you act that way.
- I believe that for everything there is a recipe.
+ I thought you stopped being mathematical for a change.
- I am against changes.
+ No, you are simply unable of changing.
- It comes to the same thing.
(Long silence.)
- You think we will ever achieve honesty?
+ You like it when I insult you, don't you?
- That wasn't the question.
+ Indeed it was.
- Thinks. Hesitates. Maybe..
+ There must be a way out of this.
- Out of what?
+ Your desperateness.
- Can you cure me?
+ You are incurable.
- But you talked about a way out of this.
+ A way for me to escape.
- You could just walk away.
+ True! Leaves from the right.
- That was rather unoriginal... Leaves from the left.

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