Two players at the center of the stage, facing away each other.

Long silence. Music starts.

+ I am confused. I need time.

- Why do people think that they would resolve their confusions by time? You will just forget them.

+ All the better.

- But you will also forget me in the meanwhile.

+ Well, if this is what it takes...

- I understand now.

+ No you don't. You think this is about you. You will never understand.

- Oh, is it a general attitude?

+ Would you believe me if I said yes?

- Not really.

+ You see? Your egocentrism prevents you from comprehending a natural indifference.

- A natural indifference?

+ Oh, please don't start again.

- But I really want to understand. I want to be able to act, to play, to join in. I want to feel peaceful when I'm among other people. You have to tell me about it.


- Come on, don't do this to me. We can talk. I am almost ready to get convinced. Tell me how it works.

+ I am confused. I need time.

Music stops.


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