Take a breath. Everything will be fine.

Close your eyes. Let the visual reality fade away. Close your ears with your hands.

It's going to be okay.

Imagine. Imagine the past. Remember, recall, re-narrate.

It's getting better already.

Keep breathing.

Deceive yourself, delude yourself, imagine the past. Let the reality fade away.

It cannot be true, so it should not be true, therefore it is not true.

Keep your eyes closed, keep your ears closed.

Your memory is whatever you prefer to remember.


Keep breathing !

Destroy, rebuild. Forget, re-narrate.

Everything is going to be just fine.

Don't try to make sense of things, reconstruct your mind and memory so that whatever is left is completely comprehensible,
and nice.

Keep breathing !

It is an illusion. And that's okay.

Don't open your eyes. You can already imagine whatever is worth to see.

Forget, re-narrate.

Never try. Never fail.


Don't move. Don't act. Acting would be a recognition of the facts.

Keep breathing. It's alright.

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