How Many Trees Add Up To A Forest?




One hundred.

One thousand.

Ten thousand.

One million.

What makes a bunch of trees

                                   a  forest

               is not the number of trees.

What makes a bunch of trees

                                   a  forest

               is the forest ecosystem

               that is, the non-trees

               that is, those who live because of trees

                     those who give life to trees



                and worms

                 and birds

                  and flies

                   and grass

                    and butterflies

                     and snakes

                      and lizards

                       and flowers

                        and bugs

                         and bushes

                          and bacterias

                           and moles

                            and spiders

                             and many other species as well as minerals

                                           whose names we lament not mentioning here,

               and water

                and trees,

                 and the complementary

                  and interactive


               of all these.

A hint

   for those

   who'd like to understand

      the culture

         that created

    the protester


               while throwing the gas canister back to the police side

           hits another protester

           and apologizes

    in the middle of the crowd

        inside a gas cloud.

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