Narcissism Revealed!

Now that you can relax, don't relax.

A life is not a version of the possible lives. An action is not an arbitrarily fixed element of the infinite set of decisions.

It's not about what you guess is true. It's not about how you express what you might have felt. It's not about life. It is life.

Mathematistically speaking1:
  • The product of any collection of nonempty sets is nonempty, provided one assumes the axiom of choice -which states that there is always a choice function on a set.2 Therefore, free will exists.
  • Moreover, a measure defined on the set of one's actions can always be extended to a complete measure on the person.3
  • We know that a set is connected if it has no disconnections, and that the image of a connected set is connected4; which yield that if we have a discrete person (so that s/he is not normal5) then her/his pre-image under the identity must be disconnected. Finally, since the connected components of her/his image are open and but not dense; we conclude that there is a sequence of her/his actions which converges to an action outside of the components of her/his image.6

In short: It's one thing to wait for someone, and another thing to keep yourself busy while waiting.

1The statements below are slight modifications of theorems or definitions. Even when taken literally, the reader is invited to concede that they are proven facts.
2These statements are logically equivalent. The former is just a rephrasing of the latter.
3Caratheodory's Theorem
4Intermediate Value Theorem (provided we take continuous image)
5Urysohn Metrization Theorem (We use the fact that discrete spaces are not metrizable)
6Here, we assume that the person satisfies the first axiom of countability.

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