How not to have sex

How not to have sex
“What does she want? What was the message of that touch? Am I being pushy? Should I continue? Should I not continue? Should I stop? Give a small break? What should I do? How should I do it? When? Is this okay? Am I too fast? Am I too slow? Wait; am I capable of understanding her reactions? Am I overreading her reactions? What did she mean by this? Did she mean anything? Does she mean anything? What do I want? Does it accord with what she wants? What does she want? Am I misinterpreting things? Is she okay? - “How do you feel?” - Damn it. Do I look ridiculous? How do I look? Am I too fat? Am I too thin? This is irrelevant. Concentrate. But on what? What does she expect me to do? What did she expect me to do? Am I being satisfactory? Should I slow down? Do I feel okay? Am I going to regret any of this? Am I being consistent with myself? How am I going to feel about this? How do I feel right now? Does she have any preferences? How can I get to know about it? Should I ask? When should I ask? How to ask? Maybe it's better to ask later? But later can be too late. Am I disappointing her? Am I disappointing myself? This is most certainly not how I imagined it. How did I imagine it? I didn't imagine myself overthinking, that's a fact. So, shouldn't I think? How much of this nonsense does she realize? What would she think? Would she empathize? Could she empathize with such ineptness? What would she like? What does she like? What does she want? Does she like this? Do I look too nervous? Am I too nervous? What should I do next?”
“For sure, I will regret this.”
Rewind. Repeat.
(to be improvised with particularised acts and feelings)

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