Fall back ! Retreat !

Fall back ! Retreat !

A bed in the middle of the stage. Woman lying on the bed, eyes wide open. Man enters, walks slowly towards her, halts at a distance of three meters, never approaches any closer during the act.
- Am I interrupting?
+ Yes.
- May I continue?
+ For sure.
- (Cheerful.) So, what have you being doing?
+ (Bored.) I'm in the middle of something here.
- Nice, let's talk about what you are in the middle of.
+ Okay, you know what, you tell me things and I mind my own business.
- But will you listen?
+ To what?
- To what I will tell.
+ That's none of my business, is it?
- Irresistible logic. (Short silence.) Should I start?
+ To what?
- Telling stuff.
+ I don't mind.
Long silence.
+ (Notices him.) Ah, you're still here. Are you finished?
- More or less.
+ Oh, is there more?
- No, there is less.
+ Very well. Where were we?
- You were supposed to tell me how you have been doing.
+ Was I?
- We could assume that.
+ But we could assume a lot of things.
- That's so not true.
+ (Bored.) Would you rather go, or stay here?
- (Hesitates, sighs.) That's a very clever way to put it. (Sits down, sighs again, gets up, hesitates, sits down, sighs.)

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