A big box on the left hand side of the stage. Dim light.

Female character enters from right, followed by the male character. They halt in the middle of the stage, looking at the box.

F: I don't know about future, but this seems like the best way for now.

M (as if to finish her sentence): ... not to mix maximization with optimization.

F: Whatever. I think everything's alright. In any case, I don't want to lose our nice talks. In fact, I do miss our after-theatre discussions.

M: Right. Now, I must find someone to talk with about our play.

F: What do you mean?

M (suddenly angry): I do not mean!

F (surprised): I don't understand.

M: Exactly my point.

F: Anyway.


M approaches F, hesitates, moves on, reaches the box, halts in front of it.

F: Go on. You'll be safe in there.

M enters the box, looks back. F nods. M gets in and carefully closes the box. F stays standing, expressionless.

Another male character enters from right, halts behind F. They simultaneously turn their back, eyes fixed to the right hand side of the stage.

The second male character starts walking and dancing, and leaves from right.

F starts walking and dancing, and leaves from right.

Long silence.


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