Turkey Uprising: websites in English

This is a (certainly incomplete) list of websites, which contain background information, photos, videos, personal testimonies, or updates on the uprising in Turkey.

I believe this video, although not informational, is the best summary of the Gezi spirit.

There are obviously plenty of more websites in Turkish, including solidarity networks for the detentions, injuries, torture etc.

  • Parklar Bizim tries to keep track of all the meeting minutes of all the park forums in Turkey. While the content is in Turkish, perhaps it would give a slight idea of the forums taking place.
  • Park Hareketi, linked to Parklar Bizim, provides a map of all the park forums in Turkey.
  • Gezi Parkı Tutsaklarına Özgürlük, i.e. Freedom to Gezi Park Prisoners, has an English option, although for the moment I did not encounter many content in English. Yet it is still relevant because you can show your support and solidarity to our political prisoners by sending them letters, and here is an updated list of their addresses.

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