A strong theory is better than miracles.


Philosophizing introduction

We are scientists, you see;
we want accuracy,

Do you really think
that we wouldn't like to have miracles
once in a while?
Wouldn't we like to have or to be
oracles, witches, prophets?
Wouldn't we like to see or to be
someone flying whenever she wants to
or someone walking on the sea?

But you should understand
that even a freshman attends around a hundred experiments,
and imagine how many
we have attended and performed.
Don't you see
that we made experiments
because we looked for miracles?
Don't you see
that we stopped looking for miracles
because it is fucking frustrating
to see scientific predictions reproved
every single time?

We do not look for miracles anymore,
it is disappointing and depressing.
We have by now
a much stronger understanding.

Actual discussion

when you tell me
that you are attracted by me,
which in no way fits to the theory;
you must understand
(and thus not laugh at)
how terrifying,
how horrifying,
yet how amazing
this is for me;
you must understand
my preoccupation,
my panic,
and my disorientation.

All the data should be rechecked,
all the results should be controlled.

Scientific skepticism must overrule
scientific confidence must
overcome the arbitrary.


Because always
- as in our case -
reality proves the theory,
and your hypothetical emotions
betray their believers
(such as me).

Theory tested once more,
miraculousness tested once more.
Cold rationality, once more,
overrules the wonderland.

Back to real life,
back to where we started;
egocentricism restored,
arrogance re-established.

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