Revolt Turkey ! - regular updates from June 12 onwards

Please be aware of the previous posts in this blog. Here you can find the updates between May 31st and June 4th, and here you can find the updates between June 5th and June 11th.

* FLASH: (June 13, 1.15 am): Police attacked protesters in Ankara ! At the moment, protesters are tweeting on police manoeuvres.

* Murderers ! Ethem Sarısülük's brain death reported today. Here is how he was murdered:

* AKP made a meeting with some people who are claimed to "represent" the Gezi movement. Çelik, vise-president of AKP says the meeting was "very friendly" and that they might consider to make a referendum on the Gezi project. They seem to have forgotten about our 4 demands.

* Gezi Park was calm all day long. Tons of support, medical equipment, food, cleaning material. Chapullers carrying stuff from one place to another all day long.

* June 12, 13.30, Istanbul.

* June 12, 13.30, Istanbul. Hundreds of lawyers making a mass demonstration inside the Palace of Justice.

* June 12: Four TV channels who had been broadcasting the uprising since the beginning are fined. Reason? Here: They made programs that could harm the physical, mental or moral development of children and youth.

* First, some brief updates from June 11:

- Police attacked Taksim brutally, fights continued all day and night long. Hundreds are reported to be injured.

This is what police does to a library.

Afterwards, the policemen played football in the square. Shameless people are shameless.

- In another neighbourhood of Istanbul, "Gazi", protesters blocked the main highway.

- Fights in Ankara continued as violently as before.

Reported: In Ankara, they now use what is called "akrep" (scorpion). These are literally military vehicles, can cross any kind of barricades, can shoot gasbombs, have cameras, and are very fast.

 [These were used to oppress the demonstrations in Kurdistan. I am sharing it now, just because it is only now that English-speaking people follow my posts seriously. And I should add that the vehicles themselves come from the Kurdish cities anyway.]

- Istanbul: Police entered the palace of justice, detains more than 40 lawyers.

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