Talk to the privileged, not to the depraved.

Note: This short text was written on June 17th, on ongoing discussions within the protesters of the uprising in Turkey. It seems to apply (at least partly) to the Brazilian case. (As it is an internal polemic of the movement in Turkey, the context should be abstracted to see the parallelism.)

Those who don't want political organizations !

Do not talk to socialists and communists, whose right to associate is heavily restricted, whose many members are under detention. Tell to AKP not to organize. We are not properly organized anyway, why do you bother with us? Go tell them ! The police should dissolve, the cops shouldn't have an organization. Tell people not to become members of AKP.

Those who want a passive struggle !

Do not tell it to those who construct barricades that can stop the police for hours. Tell it to the police, to the city governor. Tell them to let us go, and we will march peacefully. Look, was anyone throwing stones to anyone else in Gezi Park when we had our camping area? Advise pacifism not to those who throw the stone they found on the pavement, but to those who use tons of tear gas bombs against us.

Those who say we better return to our homes now !

Do not tell it to hundreds of thousands of protesters who want to march from one place to another. Tell this to the police who is continuously attacking us for 20 days already. Tell them to go home. Where are we supposed to go? Our home is Gezi Park, we used to sleep there. The police is not letting us into our home. Our homes are all the streets of Turkey, and the police is not letting us alone. The police must return home, go tell them.

Go ahead and talk to the privileged, instead of the depraved. And see how the privileged respond to the depraved.

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