Instructions of the Game



  • The main purpose of the game is to get as less pain as possible and as much joy as possible.

  • Starting the game

    • The game is to be played by two or more players.

    • Players take the characters given to them.

    • All the players begin the game in random order and at random time.

  • Result of the game: Duration of the game is random for each player. The one who thought least and questioned least during the game wins.

  • Rules of the game

    • Basic principle: Do not base any of your behaviour on your self. The person that you have to be least interested in and that you have to value most is you.

    • Facing bad properties & weaknesses

      • Distinguish your bad properties which you think can easily be revised and announce them. After doing so, fix them and announce it as well. Accept compliments and congatulations.

      • Ignore and forget the weaknesses left.

      • If you have any bad property which is too serious and obvious to forget, find objective reasons for it. (such as family background, bad social conditions when raised &c.) And then announce it and accept pities.

      • Respond to any sort of criticism like “You are so / You act so.” by saying “What, do you think I am so / I act so!”. It is a very good opportunity to beat the rival. And never care about the criticism done.

    • Defeating the rivals

      • Make them grieve and console them.

      • Behave modestly but don’t be so.

      • Let them pity you about the matters you don’t care about.

      • Do not care about your own feelings, the important things is how others feel about you. Don’t care, just spend all your energy to arouse people’s interest.

      • Work hard to make all your wishes come true.

      • In some tentative cases, say that you feel your self lost and weak. List your bad properties, analyze yourself. When they are gone, forget everything.

      • Try to show yourself “different”.

      • Help others. The one who is helping is strong. The one who helps gets stronger.

    • Advanced Strategies

      • Ally with the rivals you think are strong.

      • Make sacrifices. Don’t use your sacrifices directly as weapons. When it’s time, make them feel remorse.

      • Weep and shed tears, but don’t complain.

LEGAL WARNING: Do not criticize the game or its rules.

*This research is based on examinations and conversations done with one of the most important experts of the subject matter.

*The sources are kept secret due to concerns about future research.

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